Keep your fingers moving and feel a sense of accomplishment all at the same time!
Take your brain off neutral and get interactive with the wild, warped, and witty art of Doug P'gosh. Sink your teeth and hands into a 500 piece, highly detailed, high quality jigsaw puzzle!

You're invited to bring your favorite imaginative P'gosh artwork to life. Join Doug on a once in a lifetime rollercoaster ride through blazing hot flames. Don't want to feel the heat? Then the Devil's Amusement Park is not for you. Perhaps you'd like to join the rotting zombies as they screech their tires in the Zombie drag race. How about joining the parade of Night Merchants pushing their fun cart of Ghoulsville wares? Have a strong tiki concoction with the most popular swamp creature in history. Wherever you dare to go, these engaging, and highly playful puzzles will take you there. But be careful once you join in, there may be no turning back. Puzzles by P'gosh are a terrific, doctor-approved way to eliminate all boredom and keep your specimen, your brain that is, tuned up.

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