13 Classic Creeps by P’gosh

Introducing Rough Cuts! your new blood curdling print portfolio created by master illustrator, Doug P’gosh.

What you get?

Thirteen 8” x10” full color heavy weight stock prints featuring 13 Classic Creeps by P’gosh, from Doug’s original monster portrait paintings, each signed and numbered.

Baby Jane
The Bride
Christopher Lee as Dracula
Gill Man
Jack Torrance from the Shining
Lurch from the Addams Family
Frankenstein’s Monster
Lugosi as Dracula
Count Orlok from Nosferatu
Regan from the Exorcist
Tor Johnson from Plan 9 from Outer Space
Vampyra the 50’s tv horror host
Vincent Price

Doug captures, conveys, and brings to life 13 provocative monsters in this timed release. This is a pre-order. The number of print sets sold this weekend will be the print run. Includes (13) 8” x 10” prints inside plastic sleeve.