Warehouse Sale

YOU’RE INVITED TO: Dive in, sift, sort, and peruse all the fabulous deals we have for you. We’re going to keep adding more great items during the week, so stay tuned. You never know what’s going to turn up in this Spring-Cleaning Sale.

We’ve taken our low prices and have made them even lower. Now YOU get an extra 50% OFF on all these great deals.

DISCOVER TREASURES like: One-of-a- kinds, photography samples, *scratch & scuff products, discontinued items and much more.

WARNING: These super FUNTASTIC items are ready to go home with you today, so…don’t delay--What you love the most may disappear! Limited quantities on most items.

*What is Scratch & Scuff? Although these products did not reach our highest level of quality standards for our products purchased at full price, they still have tremendous value. What to expect? There could be a slight flaw in the product, maybe a minor scratch, or ding. Some slight color irregularity in the plastic, or maybe the mask, wall décor or Tiny Terror is perfectly fine, but the packaging might be flawed in some way. It’s super minor stuff, we promise. We never get complaints and if anything, our customers have said that they can’t find any flaw.

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