Scratch n' Scuff Wall Decor


Adopt a Monster today and save it from a landfill!

Tell Me More! What is Scratch n’ scuff?

Here’s the deal…these fine and mighty giant monsters are not perfect enough for full price orders, but too nice to just throw away. Nothing too outrageous, or it would have just been damaged out completely.

What to expect? There could be a slight flaw in the vacform, maybe a light scratch on the surface, perhaps a light discoloration. Maybe it's perfectly fine, but the packaging might be flawed in some way!

Here’s what you need to know: These are limited quantities. Please no specific damage requests or inquiries, at these prices you get what you get! There are no returns. NOW is the time to jump in if you want one or some. Don’t miss your chance to get something pretty cool and pay a little less—these warehouse deals are truly the best.

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