Get Your Weird On!                                                                             

by Owner & Founder & fellow Weird-oh, Kirsten Pagacz

Here at Retro-a-go-go! WE CELEBRATE WEIRD! We’ve done an official, un-official Retro-a-go-go! study and these results are just in: Being weird is the best alternative to growing up, becoming hard-boiled, strait-laced, or worse yet, “square”! Sure, you might have to sit through another boring meeting; sure, you might have to spend another minute in boring traffic, but you can do those things knowing just how weird, outta sight, and un-boring YOU are. We continue to applaud YOU for being your colorful, far out & creative self! We join you in the Camp of Weird!

Dream big, get wild, get wacky, push the boundaries, try new things, and feel the exhilaration that only being a Weird-oh can bring. We wear “Weird” as a badge of honor. Here’s to the gearheads, artists, designers, and anyone else that breaks the Weird-o-meter in their own Weird-oh way!

Now that you know how we feel about being Weird—it will make perfect sense to you why we are so stoked to announce our newest partnership with the official Weird-ohs license.

TELL US MORE: Weird-ohs burst upon the pop culture scene in 1963 from artist Bill Campbell and Hawk Model Kit Company. An immediate sales hit, Bill’s rad box art captured the attention of monster lovers everywhere. Soon the Weird-oh’s were appearing on groovy board games, bubble gum cards, school supplies, puzzles, and Halloween costumes—and haven’t stopped appearing ever since. Get ready because Retro-a-go-go! Artist & Designer, Doug P’gosh is going to sock it to you once again! Get ready to freak out at the custom, low brow, out of sight contemporary products inspired by Weird-ohs from yesteryear and his new Weird-ohs of today.

Retro-a-go-go! is proud to add to the legacy of Weird-ohs, with collectible eye-bulging oversized wearable, displayable, boxed masks, deranged shirts and outlandish pins and don’t freak out—more is coming soon.

It’s time to let your inner Weird-oh out! Weird-ohs young and old, it’s time to burn rubber and unite!

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