Welcome to Retro-a-go-go! You are now entering the warped world of artist extraordinaire, Doug P’gosh and the fun & creative spirit of Owner & Founder, Kirsten Pagacz. We’re happy you’re here.


Just like you, we love retro pop-culture of all kinds. We’re inspired by our hobbies & collections, be it retro toys, vinyl characters, retro Halloween collectibles, vintage movie posters & magazines, comics, silly dime-store novelties, vintage ephemera, kitschy souvenirs, and art of all kinds. We love it; we surround ourselves with it. We share our passions with you through original retro-inspired products with a re-imagined twist.


If you groove with retro-inspired: Halloween, monsters, zombies, pinups, over-the-top kitschy animals (indeed so cute, they’ll make your teeth ache), & tiki themed products, or something in between, you’re at the right place.


While getting to know our imaginations and design sensibilities, you might grow nostalgic for places you’ve been before or be turned on to new things that you’re seeing for the first time. You’ll discover: Over-the-top Gigantic 3-D Wall Décor, Tiny Terrors, Mini-Monsters, Party Killers, Art Prints, Patches, Stickers, Button Sets and much more. We encourage you to look around, and dive right in.


Discover our proprietary brands:  Ghoulsville (products for your rotten little heart) and SugarLand (products for your sweet little heart) & our officially licensed brands: Bela Lugosi, General Mills, Bettie Page, Weird Ohs, and more right around the corner.



We began our business in 2004 with the vision of offering something much different than the dreaded ho-hum, lack-luster customer experience. Our mission then and our mission now is to “WOW’ you every step of the way. We pour our creativity into our products and lavish you with only the best. The way we pack & ship your order, even down to how we tape up your box, is done with care and attention to detail. We’re accessible. When you need us, we’re here for you. When you’re happy we’re happy; it is that simple. It’s within that that loop of shared happiness that Retro-a-go-go! exists. Who knew we took your fun so seriously!