rev-our-story-re-sized-bb-for-new-site.jpgWelcome to Retro-a-go-go! Get ready to enjoy the warped world of artist extraordinaire, Doug P’gosh and the fun & creative spirit of Owner and Founder, Kirsten Pagacz. You will get to know them and the amazing individuals that make up the Retroagogo! Team.

If you are like us, you have a variety of interests & passions and want to be anything but limited. Your tastes and your preferences are not packed into a tiny selection of overdone and over-sold designs and themes. Heck no! and either are ours! If you want monsters, zombies, retro Halloween, pinups, tiki’s, kitschy animals, robots, or something in between, you are at the right place.

We love retro pop-culture of all kinds, and are inspired by our hobbies and collections, be it retro toys, vinyl characters, retro Halloween collectibles, vintage movie posters & magazines, comics, silly dime-store novelties, vintage ephemera and art of all kinds. We love it, we surround ourselves with it. We want to share it with you—always with a re-imagined twist.

While getting to know Retroagogo! you might grow nostalgic for places you’ve been before or be turned on to new things that you are seeing for the first time on must-have, thoughtful products, made for you today like: Gigantic 3-D Wall Décor, heavy gauge metal signs, t-shirts, mini-monsters, patches, stickers, art prints and button sets and so much more.

Do we stay busy? You bet! We design, create, and manufacture our own products just for you. We assemble, fulfill, pack & ship orders, as well as warehouse everything we make in the Historical District of Howell, MI.

Get ready to enjoy the official licenses of General Mills (hello cereal monsters), NBC-Universal (hello Munsters) Bettie Page (hello ooh-la-la), Mars Attacks and the recently added, Weird-Oh’s. That means that we have access to thousands of great historic images, advertisements, and logos from their archives. We will share this rich assortment with you in new & interesting ways through exciting products for your home, office, crib or crypt.

We make what we love, so being passionate is a big part of the equation. Always original, inspired, and unequaled. We offer the best products for your rotten little heart, with the most original and artful designs. Even the simplest, least expensive product may seem touched with some sort of magic goodness and the best part is that it is all here for you!


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