EC Comics

EC Comics was a publisher that specialized in crime, mystery, war, science-fiction and, most famously, horror comics in the 1950’s. The mature themes of their comics featured shocking stories that touched upon racial equality, anti-war, nuclear disarmament, environmental themes, and lighter themes such as the dead coming back to life! Each clever story had a shocking ending and made for an indelible mark on the culture. 

By the puritanical mid 50’s, EC was forced to end publication of all their titles because of censorship pressures from outraged parents, politicians, and clergy. Their only solution to stay in business was to concentrate solely on their one satire title: Mad Magazine, which is a whole other interesting story!

Since the 1950’s, EC Comics have been reprinted thousands of times over in everything from paperbacks to high end coffee table books. EC Comics to this day are widely considered to have employed the most talented artists to ever work in comics. Well-loved greats like: Jack Davis, Harvey Kurtzman, Will Elder, Wally Wood, Graham Ingels, & Frank Frazetta are just a few of the amazing talents that created artwork for EC. Today’s contemporaries like Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Stephen King site both the EC artwork and high-quality writing as an influence on their own creations. The unforgettable EC stories have been turned into films and tv series and continue to influence writers, artists & story tellers, world-wide. 

We at Retro-a-go-go! are paying tribute to the EC Comics Legacy with unique, artful, and well-designed products for new and old fans alike. Whether you're a hardcore original fan, whose childhood took place in the 1950’s, or a recent convert by one of the ongoing EC reprint books, the unmistakably eye-catching art of EC is undeniable. Let everyone know: It’s EC for me, see?!

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