Trinkets & Treasures

You'll curve, you'll swerve, you will be on your way, as you discover Sugarland magic today. Jump on the trolley, let's go for a ride, make sure to look forward and look side to side. There are rainbows and waterfalls, butterflies too, there's just no telling what's in store for you. The flowers are smiling and leaning your way, who will see on the trolley today?
Marshmallows, strawberries, and waffles too, these parfait keychains are made just for you. A dollop of whipped cream and sparkles galore, you'll be amazed by the Sugarland store.
Trinkets and treasures, Souvenirs of the day, there's a twinkling seahorse who's swimming your way. But wait, you won't believe what you see, he's blowing a kiss for you and for me. The dancing mermaids will remind you of this, there's nothing as special as a seahorse kiss. I hope that you loved your time on the trolley, in Sugarland everyone takes the time to feel jolly.





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