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Bela Lugosi Dracula "Fresh from the Crypt" Tiny Terror

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    Can you hear the creek of his coffin as it slowly opens? Fresh from the grave in classic blood curdling color, it's Bela! He has risen, he is fully rested, and he is ready to feed! Featuring his classic Medallion, wearing his blood red lined black cape. It's Bela Fresh from the Crypt.

    Removable Base
    4.5" of Ghoulish Gore
    0 Points of Articulation
    Full Color Retro Display Box
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    1. Belated Lugosi Tiny Terror

      Great likeness of the original and greatest Dracula, Bela lugosi . Beautifully painted, high quality resin, and with a great pose, casing his hypnotic gaze on his next victim. Get one or all three versions, you will not be disappointed. on 17th Sep 2021

    2. Best Lugosi Head Sculpt of All Time!!!

      Based on the photo in the ad, which was probably a prototype pic, I knew the Dracula Tiny Terror was going to be good. But imagine my surprise when the figure turned out to be even better than as depicted in the promotional image! Compared to all other three-dimensional Bela Lugosi collectibles, this Retro-a-Gogo effort features hands down the most authentic and accurate likeness of the actor I've ever seen. I've got an expensive Don Post life-size full-head Lugosi Dracula mask. It's damn cool. I've also got an eight-inch tall Sideshow Lugosi Dracula figure, which looks at least as spot-on as their 12-inch beauties. I've seen that company's 1/4 scale Dracula statue, plus their life-size Lugosi bust, but somehow a bit of the magical charm seems lost in those larger monstrosities. Retro-a-Gogo's Tiny Terror has them all beat. The design detail and paint job on the face is so faithful to the visage our favorite Hungarian that I'd swear Bela was performing a live in-person one-vampire show just for me. Glorious! on 15th Sep 2021

    3. Awesome

      Love this figure,, spot on likeness to Bela on 15th Sep 2021

    4. Blah Blah Blah!

      I love this figure. Hope to see mummy, wolf-man, and creature in the near future. I just wished that this one came with a face-mask like Frankenstein. Good buy. on 14th Sep 2021

    5. Bela has me in his spell!

      Love this tiny terror of Bela Lugosi. So accurate you fall under the spell he casts with those eyes and that arched eyebrow.
      Awesome job!
      on 14th Sep 2021