Welcome to a candy-coated land filled with whimsical new friends and surprises. How do you get to SugarLand? It’s easy - It’s already in you! SugarLand is a state of mind and an outlook on life that embraces the odd & unique, and celebrates optimism and joy. With our wonderful new line of ‘souvenirs’ from SugarLand, you can now take that magic out into the world with you! Treat yourself or someone you love with a trip to SugarLand.







Kirsten Pagacz is Owner & Founder of Retro-a-go-go! Since 2004. She is the author of “Leaving the OCD Circus” and an avid & enthusiastic collector of kitsch! “I am wild for kitschy collectibles These are treasures found and brought together from all over the world, and my sentimental connection to them is undeniable. From ceramic sweet-faced lambs made in Japan to round-faced chalk-ware Kewpies from carnivals long gone by. These items made people happy then, and make people happy now.”

Fiona Hewitt is an award-winning illustrator whose unique works of whimsy have inspired animation, product design, editorial, advertising and publishing with clients such as Chronicle Books, BlueQ, Paul Smith, Nike, Starbucks, Target and her own company Wu and Wu. Fiona creates enchanting worlds and characters that are nostalgic, eclectic and refreshingly sweet. She draws inspiration from her travels; especially her time living in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai, as well as vintage toys and ephemera, and sweet childhood memories.

The inspiration for SugarLand comes from Kirsten’s own magical collection of kitsch! Home to the whimsical, the weird, the quirky and the cute; she has been collecting and curating for decades. She’s most drawn to items that were originally purchased at Five & Dime stores, picked up by travelers at Souvenir Shops or won at Carnivals in days gone by. “It’s fun to imagine where they all came from; the different moments in time and variety of cultural expressions of optimism and prosperity.” Some date back to the 1930’s, but her sweet spot is the mid-century modern era of the 1950’s-1960’s. “If it puts my heart a-flutter and makes my teeth ache from all the over-the-top sweetness, it might find its way to what I fondly call SugarLand.”

So Kirsten’s big question:
How to bring the wonder of SugarLand to our Retro-a-go-go! friends? . . .
The answer: Fiona!

“I’ve been a super fan of Fiona’s inviting and imaginative work for many years. Her artwork conveys both kitsch and kindness in every brush stroke and every thoughtful design decision. I knew she was the perfect artist to collaborate with to bring SugarLand to life.”

Kirsten and Fiona have come together to create a magical line of products inspired by Kirsten’s collection, and the idea of SugarLand. A place where everyone is welcome, and no one is judged or excluded. SugarLand is a treat for your eyes, and a happy refuge for your heart and your soul. It’s about finding beauty in small things, celebrating uniqueness, and speaking the language of kindness & acceptance. While the aesthetic is pure fun and wonderfully retro and kitsch, it’s message of moving through the world with empathy, positivity and a joyful heart is pretty revolutionary!

We are thrilled to feature Fiona’s creative and thoughtful artwork on our products. It is a dream come true, and we are proud and delighted to bring SugarLand to YOU!