Where can you find unconditional kindness and kitsch, swirled together like the best lollipop in the world? In SugarLand, of course! Please join us in celebrating our newest confection, the SugarLand Puzzles each featuring the lovely & imaginative art of Fiona Hewitt.

Get ready to tumble softly into each new and colorful SugarLand scene created especially for you. We'll travel by canoe with friends to wide-open spaces, and we will surely see cute animal faces.

Wish to ride a sparkling sea horse? of course you do, there's even a magical mermaid waiting for you. Puzzle making is just good fun, there's a puzzle maker in everyone. Piece by piece you'll take the edge off the day, come dial up the good times the SugarLand way.

Remember the gift of a SugarLand Puzzle will bring good cheer, at holiday times, and throughout the year. The Cuteness Crew is always here for you!

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