Introducing Dolly Valentine, designer, and seamstress extraordinaire! She has been designing & creating for almost 20 years!

You’ll enjoy getting to know the lovely and warm-hearted, and oh-so-delightful and talented, Dolly!

We are thrilled to share Dolly’s original bags, wristlets and face coverings with you in SugarLand.

You’ll discover, friendly forest animals with cute twitching noses surrounded by polka dots and hearts, and we’re just getting started! Be forewarned, you may experience “SugarLand Sweetness Over-Load”.

From the winning patterns, to her impeccable sewing, and her extra care for the details, Dolly brings her best to you in all of her fun -loving and “fun”c-tional creations.


But Dolly doesn’t work alone! Her trusting buddy, Deerdra, is there to oversee that every Dolly creation, gets as much love and attention as she does.


To say something marvelous is happening in SugarLand now that Dolly has arrived, would be an understatement. To say something marvelous is happening in SugarLand that is sweeter than cherry pie alamode on a warm summer day, now we’re talking!

What will you have Dolly make for you today?