Celebrating Retro-a-go-go’s 20th Anniversary with Spectacular Giveaway Winners and More Surprises Ahead!

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It’s been a thrilling ride for all vintage pop culture enthusiasts as Retro-a-go-go marked its 20th year by hosting its most gigantic giveaway to date! Doug P'Gosh, the genius and visionaire behind the enigmatic brand Retro-a-go-go, recently took to video to make an exciting announcement - the winners of the covetable Lagoon Creep statues.

Emanating the nostalgic vibes of classic horror with a twist of Doug's unique artistry, the Lagoon Creep has become a sought-after collectible. This giveaway has been a spirited celebration of the art and community that have flourished around Retro-a-go-go's creations. Participants in the thousands cast their chances, all hoping to be the ones to snag the iconic statue.

Drumroll, please, for the fortunate names drawn are Rachel from the historic city of Fall River, Massachusetts; Eric from the vibrant Rochester Hills, Michigan; and Michael from the bustling metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia. A hearty congratulations to this lucky trio – the anticipation is palpable as your Lagoon Creep prepares to leave the Retro-a-go-go lagoon and find a new haunt at your doorsteps come early August.

But hold on, there's more in store. It isn't just about reminiscing; it's about igniting the excitement for what's yet to come. As Doug P’Gosh himself teased, another thrilling contest is right around the corner. This isn’t just about commemorating two decades of Retro-a-go-go's presence in the collectors' world; it's about appreciating those who've made it all possible - you, the fans, the community, the true believers in all things retro and fantastic.

Stay glued to our updates because more surprises, giveaways, and delightful Lagoon Creeps are creeping your way soon. Join us in this ongoing jubilation and embrace the spirit of giving, as, after 20 years, Retro-a-go-go knows that the best celebrations are those shared with fans like you.

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