Super-Duper Soap

Suds up Buttercup! Introducing our NEW Super-Duper Soap for Super-Duper YOU!

We take your suds seriously here at Retro-a-go-go! Afterall soap isn’t just about cleaning, it’s about treating your skin with the best nurturing care that it deserves.

Great for your bathroom, kitchen, or workshop, wherever you like to get clean! Keep a bar by the sink to wash your hands, or display a couple in a bowl, as a fun & collectible decoration.

These multi-layered solid soap bars will pump-up the fun. Made in the USA, with only the finest ingredients, and no harsh chemicals, ever.

YOUR new Super-Duper soap is guaranteed to deliver both a clean & a fresh experience. Whenever you choose to “gather the lather” your favorite SugarLand or Ghoulsville image is right there with you.

The best part is while you’re achieving the highest level of squeaky clean you are also having good, clean fun!

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