The Best Giant Vintage Halloween Masks Inspired by Ben Cooper

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Giant Ben Cooper Halloween Masks
Calling all monster and vintage Halloween fans! Get ready to shriek with pure joy when you see Retro-a-go-go! ’s new, ready to hang, plastic horror décor! Introducing the new & original Ghoulsville Vac-tastic Plastic horror décor collection by your friends at Retroagogo! specifically, artist and product developer, Doug P’gosh.

As you know, for too many years, there just hasn't been enough cool, must-have, vintage-inspired & Halloween inspired décor created specifically for us monster lovers. P'gosh, set out to change exactly that -- and he has in a big, big way! He’s brought his incredible passion for vintage Halloween and vintage collectables, right into the creeptastically-awesome Ghoulsville Collection of: skulls, werewolves and so much more. Big FrankVampyra, and the Fun-House Devil are dying to meet you!

Introducing the first seven creeps in series one of this new, thrilling P’Gosh Ghoulsville horror décor collection. In series one, you’re sure to get the chills with Cold Death and Green Slime. Vampyra will put the bite on you with her piercing fangs, and the wolfman who turns from man to beast, is ready to howl at every full moon! Each collectable mask is thoughtfully inspired by our warm memories of the Ben Cooper masks, costumes and playsuits from the 1960’s and 1970’s. During those eras, it was rare for a trick or treater to hit your door not wearing one of Ben Cooper’s plastic masks and Mylar costumes; Ben Cooper has been called the King of Halloween for a good reason!

Those wonderfully cheesy costumes made an indelible impression on all of us lucky enough to remember those October days of childhood way back when. Ben Cooper costumes in their display boxes lined toy aisles, drug stores, local Five & Dime and novelty Stores everywhere. They were a part of retro culture.

Photo Courtesy The Peach Martini

For our loving tribute to the Halloween King, we've blown our Vac-tastic Ghoulsville wall décor masks up to gigantic and monstrous proportions just for you. Each Retroagogo! fantastic mask towers just under 2 feet tall and is ready to hang on any wall of your choice.

Put the horror in your décor by adding your favorite monsters to your crypt whether it’s a: studio apartment, sanctuary or shrine, office space, garage or a sprawling haunted house; these collectable masks are ready to turn any room of your choice into a spooktastically, creeptastically, Ben Cooperly, fantastically monster-inspired crypt!

Artist, P’Gosh took special care to create each Halloween inspired mask in the same spirit of the much-loved vintage kid's masks of yesteryear. But wait there’s more! Then to just put these masks over the edge, each mask comes proudly displayed in its very own collector's edition display box. You’ll see your monster face through the clear, see-through display top, which makes it the perfect homage to the original Ben Cooper inspired packaging.

Whether you get your freak on by hanging one of these Halloween inspired collectables on your boring walls or you chose to keep your monsters “mint in box” and proudly displayed, there’s nothing else like them anywhere!

The words unusual and unique don’t even come close to their creeptastic awesomeness! Collect all the creeps, in series one of the Ghoulsville Collection before they run out.

Get ready to keep screaming with pure fright and delight! Stay-tuned monster and vintage Halloween loving fans, for series 2 in the Ghoulsville Vac-Tastic Plastic, Ben Cooper inspired Horror décor collection! Pre-order your series 2 mask today.  Stay Creepy!

*Ben Cooper Halloween costume photo courtesy The Peach Martini

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