Ghoulsville Horror Decor Collector's Alert!

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Attention Ghoulsville Horror Decor Collector's. The following Vac-tastic Plastic designs are down to 75 pieces or less. Some of the designs only have a handful left. We expect to be selling out in 3 weeks or less and when the current designs are gone, they're gone forever.  We are not going to be reusing the same mold OR colorway again.

If you've been considering getting one of these designs, you can get them today and get 25% OFF when you use Coupon Code GIFTS25 at checkout. The sale ends at midnight on December 21, 2017. Get them today, before UPS and FEDEX raises the shipping rates on our masks on December 25, 2017 (at least they're waiting until Christmas!).

Limited Quantities Available for the following:

Series 1
Cold Death
Fun House Devil
Bloody Werewolf

Series 2
Deep Space Astro Zombie

Series 3
Nightmare Bride

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