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This is an update for everyone that has pre-ordered one of our Bela Lugosi Tiny Terrors or the entire Coffin Full of Cool Bela Bundle.

First, thank you for your order.

If you recall, we stated when you placed your order that we would be shipping Dracula in July. We were confident we would meet that ship date because our shipping company had always met the dates they promised in the past or were pretty darn close.

We know he arrived in the U.S. ahead of schedule the first few days of July. Then came the delays with getting him unloaded from the cargo container, getting him onto a rail car, and getting him shipped to our warehouse outside of Detroit.

We were promised another delivery date of the first week of August. Now we’ve been informed he’s stuck in transit and has been delayed again.

The explanations we are being given from our shipper (and confirmed by news reports) is that there is a massive influx of cargo coming into the U.S. coupled with the delivery chain still suffering from the effects of the pandemic: a shortage of workers and drivers to move merchandise where it needs to go.

I’m writing to give you the full story as we know it today. We are all extremely frustrated here at Retro-a-go-go! because we’ve spent years building our customer’s trust and the last thing we wish to do is disappoint you in any way.

We are getting updates daily. When I have an in-hands date I can believe…or when he really IS in our hands, we will be sending you another letter. You and your order are a priority and your Bela(s) will be shipping to you as fast as we can get him boxed up.

So, please, have patience. We are more eager than anyone to have Bela fly into our crypt. I promise you, he’ll be worth the wait!

Some good news for you: this first order of Dracula is nearly SOLD OUT, and with the global supply chain being what it is, we don’t know if or when we will have more. So if you know anyone who waited to order, they will be out of luck.

If you have any questions, as always please call us, or write us. YOU and your happiness is our number one priority—and even though there are delays, that remains the same. Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

Warm regards,

Kirsten Pagacz
Owner and Founder

Retro Studio: (734) 476-0300

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