Bela is fresh from the grave, wearing his Medallion and ready to feed!

2 Amazing & Mesmerizing Color Ways each adorned with matching cape and hypnotic stare! Including:


Bela Lugosi Dracula "Midnight Movie" Tiny Terror

Feast your eyes on our classic homage to the late late show. It's Bela and he's stepped right out of the silver screen and is tripping the light fantastic! From head-to-toe, Bela is dressed in his finest black and white attire and it is your blood that he does desire. Featuring his classic Medallion, wearing his casket grey lined black cape. It's Midnight Movie Bela.

Bela Lugosi Dracula "Fresh from the Crypt" Tiny Terror

Can you hear the creek of his coffin as it slowly opens? Fresh from the grave in classic blood curdling color, it's Bela! He has risen, he is fully rested, and he is ready to feed! Featuring his classic Medallion, wearing his blood red lined black cape. It's Bela Fresh from the Crypt.