Introducing the creep-tastic gang of putrid plastic, Ghoulsville's Tiny Terrors. LOOK OUT they're coming straight from the warped imagination of artist, Doug P'gosh and each is more monstrous fun than you and any desktop can handle.

Get your monster freak-on with all 4.5" of Ghoulish Gore. First up for your rotten little heart is Lil' Frankie. Do not make your heart weep for missing out on that one!

Werewolves, zombies, trick-or-treat kids--you just do not who will appear in this new Ghoulsville Gang of Tiny Terrors!


  • 4.5" of Ghoulish Gore
  • #1 in the Ghoulsville Ghoul Gang Series of Tiny Terrors
  • Full Color Retro Display Box
  • 3 Color Ways to Collect!


Lil' Frankie Tiny Terrors - 3 Pack

What's Included:

  • 1x "Forever Filthy" Green Colorway
  • 1x "Midnight Movie" Black & White Colorway
  • 1x "Stone Cold" Blue Colorway NEW!

Lil' Frankie "Stone Cold" Tiny Terror

As cold as the slab at the morgue, it’s Stone-Cold Frankie and a deep freeze has set into his bones. This Tiny Terror gets a perfect 10 even though his blood chills way below zero. To say he is cool is an understatement, he’s Stone-Cold!

Lil Frankie "Forever Filthy" Tiny Terror Tiny Terror

This Frankie is Forever Filthy, straight from the graveyard in the sickly colors of decay. He’s rad and rotten and will never be forgotten.

Lil Frankie "Midnight Movie" Tiny Terror Tiny Terror

Just like your favorite creature feature midnight movies made in black and white fright, this Frankie comes in grey hues and shadows, a real classic and done just right.