Throw Blankets

You know your butt wants to be on the couch! Isn't it time to give in and give your butt what it really wants this holiday season? More time with you just chilling & relaxing with the softest thing on earth.
Make your butt happy and the rest of you happy with a fun, new, high quality, artistically-designed snuggly-soft throw blanket featuring all the things that you love in one place! Each image will draw you in, and you may tumble into so much softness, you may never wish to come back.

Feels like silk, looks like velvet! That's what you'll say after just one feel of your new blanket. Because it's so plush, you may just want to rub a little corner of it on your rosy-warm cheek for an extra-snuggly experience. For those of you who still feel like a kid, make a fort, and with couple of quick rolls to the left or to the right, you can turn yourself into a human-sized burrito! Enjoy as many times as you wish, however you wish, whenever you wish. Remember when your butt is happy, you're happy!

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