Scratch N' Scuff FAQ's

So just what does “Scratch and Scuff” mean? Is it really a product with a scratch or a scruff? Yes! But who’s perfect anyway? None of us here!

Where did these products come from? We know a lot of our customers are collectors. Perfect is important to them. We know because they tell us so. We also like to treat our customers the way we like to be treated. When buying an item for ourselves or as a gift, we expect the product to be in great shape. When filling orders for our customers, we set aside any product that has condition issues.

So what do we consider a scratch and scuff product? Products and/or boxes could have one or 2 of these issues: light scratches, scuffs, print rub off on the product, minor blemishes, or minor dents, bends or creases in the cardboard box.

Please note, ALL scratch and scuff products have issues, but they are not so damaged that they should be destroyed. Our rule of thumb, is that if we would be disappointed in displaying the item, then we would rather throw the product into the garbage than send it to a customer at any price.

Please know yourself, if you are looking for 100% perfection, a “Scratch and Scuff” Product is not for you. You’d be better off buying a product at full price on our website. Because those products are as close to perfect as we can make.

How to know if a “Scratch and Scuff” product is right for you?

Here’s a little test: At Halloween time if you go searching for a perfectly round and perfectly orange pumpkin and have no interest in a pumpkin with a little lump or bump, something that gives it a little more character, stay away from the “Scratch and Scuff” products they are not for you!

Please note: Scratch and Scuffs are sold AS IS and there are no returns on these and no exceptions.

All quantities are limited and can sell out at anytime.

Scratch N' Scuff Examples

Paint rub off on end of fingers.

Damaged packaging.

Damaged packaging.