Scratch N' Scuff Ghoulsville Bat Mobile -

Scratch n' Scuff Ghoulsville Bat Mobile

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    Read about Scratch N' Scuff Masks Here!

    This 2 sided glow in the dark Ghoulsville hanging decor measures: 22" wide x 15.5" high x 1 5/8" thick and comes with a 28" elastic cord metal hook for hanging.

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      Excellent product. Second one owned. Never disappointed. Thanx so much.
      on 11th Nov 2021

    2. Order it.

      If you are like me and you always wanted the cool promo stuff that mom n' pop stores or comic shops always had hanging around... you'll love this. It did come stapled, but that honestly just adds more authenticity to it for me (and even better i can remove them and hang each side in a different place). Like it was hanging in a horror section of a local movie rental joint. AND IT GLOWS IN THE DARK! on 8th Apr 2021

    3. Battylicious!

      Got an excellent deal on this killer hanging piece with free shipping. Their Scratch & Scuff items look perfect to me.... on 7th Dec 2020

    4. Huge and creepy - just like we like it!

      Such a nice size piece! Great colors and in perfect condition for scratch and scuff! on 8th Nov 2020

    5. Ghoulsville forever. Damn right.

      I recieved my ghoulsville forever bat awhile back and I love it! Hope it stays hanging up at my place for a long time!

      Stay scared.
      on 18th Oct 2020


      The Ghoulsville Forever super-creepy mobile is just the thing to brighten up (or gloomify) the ol' man cave. A throwback to my days reading horror comics and watching monster movies on late night TV. Thanks for the fantastic decor! on 16th Sep 2020

    7. I'm Batty About My Mobile!

      It looks great! Love the glow in the dark letters! on 25th May 2020

    8. Welcome to Ghoulsville

      This thing is so cool & I really like the Glow in the Dark flourishes. It’s really hard to accept that this is a scratch & dent item, it’s perfect. on 24th Apr 2020