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Midnight Man Wolf "Full Moon" Tiny Terror

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    Feast your eyes on “Full Moon” Midnight Man Wolf, in classic monstrous muted shades of blood red and grotesque gray. He is camouflaged in the woods, so you better look out!

    Only a silver bullet can put him down! Introducing Midnight Man Wolf with his “chew toy” of a poor victim’s severed foot!
    Look out he’s hungry for red meat. His fangs are ready to slice open the next piece of tender flesh. When you cross paths with him, remember he’s rabid and he loves to gnaw on whatever he can get his hairy hands on! Tattered clothing and fully coiffed hair, he's another denizen from Ghoulsville, and straight from the warped mind of artist, Doug P’gosh.

    4.5" of Detailed Ghoulish Gore
    Comes with Tiny “Chew Toy” Accessory
    3 Color Ways
    Removable Base
    0 Points of Articulation
    Full Color Retro Display Box
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    1. Cool Wolfman!

      Love the Cool Wolfman, only problem was an arm was broken when the piece arrived. Super Glue to the rescue! on 4th Mar 2023

    2. AWRROOOO!!!

      As Ash Williams would say, ' GROVY !' on 29th Jan 2023

    3. Howwwwwllllll

      I’ve finally found a cool werewolf statue to put in my room/add to my collection. He even has a little foot in his hand. Too cute. I really like it and it only took about a week for delivery. Very excellent. on 26th Aug 2022

    4. Wolfie

      Excellent detail lovely paint job, worth the price, my personal favorite of the four I ordered on 21st Aug 2022

    5. Full moon midnight man

      Another cool figurine! Looks great with my growing collection of mini monsters. Looking forward to seeing what else Doug comes up with on 8th Jun 2022

    6. We love him!

      Fabulous Werewolf sculpt, with very nostalgic box art. (We chose the "Full Moon Colors".) Next we need a Mummy and Creature! on 7th Jun 2022

    7. Howling with excitement!

      Midnight Man Wolf is a great addition to the Terror family! Zero points of articulation AND a severed foot chew toy?! Yes, please! I’ve got all the Tiny Terrors so far - and love each and every one! Keep ‘em coming!

      on 7th Jun 2022