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Gill Freak Vac-tastic Plastic Mask* - 0659682806273

Gill Freak Vac-tastic Plastic Mask

  • Product Description

    These hot new neon colors make your favorite swamp freak look cooler than ever. Take this bone chilling bad ass home with you today.

    Each Ghoulsville Vac-tastic Plastic Mask measures approx: 23" high x 17" wide and 4" deep, has die cut eyes and weighs roughly 18 ounces. Content of mask is vac-form plastic including an attached cardboard backer with a single 2" diameter cut out hole for easy hanging purposes. Display box measures 24" high x 18" wide x 4" deep & has clear plastic window making it a terrific package to display.

    Question: What's the difference between a mask that is stapled or a mask that is hand glued?

    Answer: We're referring to how the vac-form mask is connected to the cardboard backer.

    Stapled: is "retro style", it matches how Halloween and Christmas vac-form characters from the 1950's-1960's were attached. The staples are barely noticeable and it is a quicker way to hand-assemble the item.

    Glued: is a cleaner look, however, the hand-assembly is much more time consuming of a task, and hence the higher price point for this method of attachment.

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    1. Killing it!

      This piece is so incredible! Reminds me of my childhood! I have a whole room dedicated to the Gill Man and this was the perfect addition! on 12th Oct 2018

    2. I love these Masks!

      You guys really killed it with these(no pun intended). I have an office full, cannot wait for the devil to be added to my collection. on 27th Aug 2018

    3. POP! WOW!

      These are incredibly made with love of the subject matter. And the new colors really are wow on 13th Aug 2018

    4. Vac-tastic Plastic Mask is a riot!

      The product is amazing, we went for the one with cardboard backing. So happy with it! But what pushed this experience fully into the positive was the customer service. Jen was incredible, and added such a human touch to it all. I highly recommend this company and product! on 23rd Jul 2018