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Ghouleena "Forever Filthy" Tiny Terror

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    Ghouleena in blood curdling faded color -- from a thousand years in the crypt!

    3 Color Ways
    Removable Base
    4.5" of Ghoulish Gore
    0 Points of Articulation
    Full Color Retro Display Box
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    1. Ghouleena is Gorgeous

      Horror movie host Ghouleena is really cool. I bought all 3 versions and have her on my work desk surrounded by the black and gray Universal Monsters. If your a monster/horror movie fan, like I am, you need to start your collection today! on 17th May 2022

    2. Very cool

      She looks like Lily Munster,ready for some blood..I love it on 9th Apr 2022

    3. Sublime, Lily Munsterish

      Cute and sexy without being vulgar. Size makes it easy to find space to display it. on 23rd Nov 2021

    4. GHOULEENA gonna get you

      Been collecting for 50 Years, and when I saw this Kool Spooky Chick, I had to have her!\
      It's all Ghoul! Get yours today!
      on 23rd Nov 2021

    5. Just Cool!

      She rocks. I love these little creatures. on 12th Oct 2021

    6. Ghoulina. Forever filthy.

      Retro a gogo has done it again. What can I say. Once again the sculpt is fantastic. I bought all 3 lil frankys. And 2 of the 3 Belas my regrets I didn't buy all 3. And now Ghoulina. Another Retro a gogo triumph. But I didn't expect anything else from you guys. Everything I've bought has been just beautiful. My monster room is growing by leaps and bounds. I hope next up we see a creature or wolfman. on 22nd Sep 2021