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Fish Face + Vampyre Girl Party Killers Decoration

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    These to-die-for, custom made novelty decorations, are inspired by something very old- the honeycomb “dancing” tissue decorations of Halloweens long ago. We thought the old idea was ready for a fresh Retro-a-go-go! upgrade. This collection features our lurid and much-loved Ghoulsville Monsters!

    What’s super spooky and ultimately groovy? A little breeze causes the arms and legs to blow freely and bounce around with more exuberance than ever seen before!

    What’s Included?:
    • Features 2 monsters to a package

    • Each individual monster is over 2 feet tall

    • Monsters made of top-quality heavy weight 4C printed paper & attached accordion folded
    matching honeycomb paper for fun arms and legs to dangle

    • Hang them up easily with a push pin or tape - or loop them over anything - with their easy-to-use thread/ribbon hanging loop

    • Keep YOUR PARTY KILLERS out all year round!
    • Carefully fold them back up, to preserve them nicely, and save for the next monster mash of your choosing!
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    1. Halloween tradition

      I’ve always enjoyed the party killer decorations as a kid and as I got older they went away. So I jumped at a chance to buy these, especially since the Gillman is my favorite monster! These were excellent home decor items for those who enjoy retro! on 1st Nov 2021