“Conquering Your State of Anxiety: How to Battle Your OCD and Reclaim Your Life” by Retro-a-go-go! Founder Kirsten Pagacz, meets readers where they are now, leaving breadcrumbs to help find the way out of darkness and shame and toward peace of mind, peace of soul and peace of heart. Learn calming techniques for managing anxiety and minimizing OCD intrusive thoughts.

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Kirsten was once overwhelmed, inconsolable, and under siege by her own mental illness. Living from one excruciating moment to the next; in fear and dread of her own mind that ran wild with obsessions. She did her best to manage and quell her anxiety, if only momentarily, by performing rigid and bizarre compulsions. Seeking more relief from her unbridled pain and anxiety, she self-medicated herself with a variety of addictive drugs and alcohol.

Undiagnosed for decades, Kirsten did not know she was being held hostage by her severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. At age 32, Kirsten learned there was a name for her illness, and with grit and determination, and a lot of hard work, Kirsten was able to release the painful grip of her debilitating disorder. Kirsten stepped off the path of illness and stepped onto the path of wellness. Peace of mind, peace of heart and peace of soul have remained her north star ever since.

Today, Kirsten is thriving, living her authentic life, and experiencing more peace and joy than she ever thought possible. Since 2004, Kirsten has owned a successful online business: which sells fun, retro-inspired, gifts, collectibles, and décor. She pours her mind and imagination into her work and loves to delight and surprise her customers with original must-have, thoughtfully designed products. Kirsten remembers the days of darkness and remains a dedicated wellness warrior doing her part to share a flashlight to those under duress or point out the breadcrumbs that lead to the path of light and joy. She wants you to enjoy your big happy life and get there much faster than she got to her own. If you’re looking for one of the best mental health books, so you can begin putting your mind at ease, this book is meant for you.



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