Mini Monsters

Add a Little Creep to the Corner of your Crypt! Retro-a-go-go! presents Mini Monsters.

Similar to our super popular Giant Wall Décor Masks, but now at a size & price, that allows you to collect them all. These bad boys are a collector's dream, or shall I say, "Scream!" Because that's what you'll do when you feast your eyes on their magnificence. Highly detailed vac-form head, sturdy paper-hinged body and all tucked away nicely & safely in an off-the-hook-with-coolness, vintage-inspired box with see through peek-a-boo window.

All created by artist extraordinaire, Doug P'gosh. His creativity exceeds all bounds, and with each and every Mini Monster, YOUR HAPPINESS will be found! Life's just more fun having many Mini Monsters around!