Imperfect Parasols

We're clearing out imperfect sun parasols and offering them to YOU at BLOW-OUT BARGAIN PRICES!
So just what does "Imperfect Sun Parasol" mean exactly? Good question, and I'd ask the same.
They are parasols that open and work fine, we promise. However, they may have minor condition issues or slight flaws in their appearance. For instance, there could be a light scratch on the bamboo handle, or the wood might have a split due to its basic nature of drying out. Perhaps there is little section of the printed design that has been rubbed off just a tiny-tad, or it could be a little crease or blemish of some sort. Trust us in saying, these are appearance issues only and these imperfections do not inhibit the use of this item in any way.
Our quality standards are so high that frequently, to the average eye, you might not even be able to tell why it got pulled from the full retail priced product in the first place.
Please note, they are 100% usable and the flaws are minor like we have stated, but just enough to make the parasol deemed as imperfect. But who is perfect anyways? This is your chance to pick up some parasol designs at a super deal.
Stock up, once they sell out, that's it. Keep in mind also, that a lot of these designs have been long since sold out and these are rare gems indeed. It's time for you to start shopping, limited quantities while supplies last. Buy one, buy a dozen! You just can't go wrong with a little imperfection!

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