Plush Blankets

We all need more time just chilling & relaxing. We recommend you do it with one of the softest things on earth, a new custom made throw blanket from SugarLand. Feels like silk, looks like velvet! That's what you'll say after just one feel of your new blanket. Because it's so plush, you may just want to rub a little corner of it on your rosy-warm cheek for an extra-snuggly experience.

Ready to leave the couch and enjoy the outdoors? Take it to the beach; it’s perfect! It won’t collect sand and is light weight and ready to go. Whether you dream of a picnic on a grassy knoll, or want to make a fun fort, or turn yourself into a human-sized burrito—this artful, vibrant and “SugarLand happy” blanket is there for you.

You may tumble into so much softness, and magical imagery that you may never wish to come back. We invite you to enjoy this sweet “souvenir” from SugarLand however you wish. Remember it’s good to be happy and delighted! Which one will you select? It’s a tough choice to make, that’s why you should get all three, for goodness sakes!